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Equity Peaks in Four Portfolios and What to Trade Now?

What to Trade Now?

January has started strong and four of the seven portfolios made equity peaks yesterday.

The Stock Index and Gold (for Micros or Minis) turned out to be the best risk/reward four days into trading. It was in a drawdown on December 31, 2020 and quicky ran to equity peaks by Thursday, January 7.

The other three portfolios at equity peaks yesterday include:

  1. Stock Index Portfolio (27)

  1. All Strategy Access 51 + 7 New

  1. 200K Portfolio

Markets and trading system results are cyclical so the question is What to Trade Now?

The 25K-50K Portfolio is around breakeven on the month and in a cyclical drawdown so it provides the best risk/reward if you want to start during a drawdown instead of at equity peaks.

At the end of the year we said there were two approaches coming into 2021:

  1. Start strong in anticipation of a cyclical change in price action (which has occurred in the short term).

  1. Wait for equity peaks for the new portfolios to prove themselves – which we have seen in four of the seven and then start trading the strategies on a cyclical drawdown.

You haven’t missed out. 2021 is just starting and the reality is – the cycles can happen quickly. It is important to get setup with your trading account and strategies in advance.  There is always opportunity and FOMO is no way to approach markets and trading.

FAQ: How do I get setup to trade this?

FAQ: Is there someone who can trade this for me?

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