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Equity Peaks in Gap Continuation E-mini Nasdaq

We re-released this strategy last month in response to "What is your best trading system for passing a prop trading challenge?" The re-release focuses on the long only trades in the Nasdaq.

This strategy hit equity peaks today with a nice long trade. We discuss the max intra-trade drawdown and profit for today's trade based on trading 7 E-mini Nasdaq contracts to determine if this would have worked within the parameters of a prop firm challenge. It would require a larger account to trade 7 E-mini Nasdaq futures. Gap Continuation Gold also took a long trade today.

These two strategies are available for individual subscriptions and are also part of the One Million MNS setup. These strategies are selected and designed with the parameters of the prop firm challenges in mind. These strategies can also be traded in a live account.

We extend the special offer for Gap Continuation since it did not trade last week. Through Friday, the Gap Continuation 2020 strategy will include both the E-mini Nasdaq and Gold futures in one lease. Leasing either the Nasdaq or Gold version, will also include the other market. After this Friday, they are separate leases.

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