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Five Portfolios for Q2, 2024

The Portfolio Calculator has been updated to include five new portfolios for Q2, 2024.

The five new portfolios include:

One Million Dollar MNS 91 One Million Dollar MNS 110

Top 50 Portfolio Select

50K Portfolio Basic

Stock Index Portfolio 18

We are excited about the research we have discovered over the past month. Since the pandemic, day trade trend strategies were an amazing way to trade the markets. In Q1, 2024, the shift away from day trade trend strategies has become very obvious.

What has also become very obvious, that we can take advantage of, is how many of our traditional strategies work in this market environment. Simply removing all trend strategies in the Portfolio Calculator shows some profitable results on the year.

We further refine this by removing redundancies, adding some session trade and overnight strategies, and keeping some trend strategies in the portfolio for some balance. The focus is heavily shifted towards counter trend strategies such as SR CounterTrend.

We look forward to implementing these strategies in our trading in Q2, 2024. As usual, we will wait for a drawdown cycle before we begin. Subscribers will receive the updates by early next week.

Contact Us to become a subscriber or for a managed account (250K minimum).

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