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Four out five in today in Gold Futures on January 6, 2020

SR CounterTrend II, SR CounterTrend III A, SR CounterTrend III B, and Cobra Gold all hit their profit targets in Gold. The first three went long near the lows while Cobra Gold hit its short profit target near the lows. Asia Gold IV was a loser on the day. Gold Flash also lost but is not currently in the portfolios.

Geo political tensions with Iran continue to rise.

Towards the end of the day, old trends began to prevail as Gold looked soft into the close while stock index futures strengthened on the day and were up as of 3pm EST.

The SR CounterTrend strategies buy the dips in uptrends. SR CounterTrend II is a day trade strategy while SR CounterTrend III can hold positions overnight.

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