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How Tough is this Market to Trade? The GOAT is Down in 2020

Renaissance Hedge Funds and Jim Simmons is considered the greatest quant fund and greatest hedge fund of all time, earning 66% from 1988 to 2018. This is net of fees which are a 6% management fee and 44% incentive fee.

According to Bloomberg, Renaissance was down 21% in June and down 13% in August. Maybe they are up on the year in November. Their funds are private and don’t publicly report.

The last few months has been challenging with the pre-election and post election chop exceeding the norm amidst a pandemic. Markets are always changing but 2020 has been more extreme.

We actually managed the pandemic pretty well. The last few months have really been challenging though.

Its always good to get perspective. We don’t want to find a reason to be down on the year but when the Greatest of All Time is struggling, it can give perspective.

We also discuss the book written about him, “The Man Who Solved the Markets”

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