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Hypothetical Trading System Results on June 23, 2022

The 200K hypothetical signals were down -$3,500 today and the 50K hypothetical signals were down -$600 today. We continue to spend the day researching the market as we have not traded our strategies live since Monday, June 13.

This has been one of the more congested months of the year. Every time the market could break out, it gets pushed back and mean reverted in a very random and sporadic "tape". We could be in for a summer of chop.

It feels like the market should rally here and the selling is over in the short term. Tomorrow is the last trading day of another holiday shortened week.

Next week we have a full trading week, followed by another holiday shortened week for July 4th. It seems like half the weeks this summer are holiday weeks.

It is interesting to me how the market has so many V reversals intra-day all month long.

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