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Hypothetical Trading System Signals on July 19, 2022 - Strong Bear Market Rally

Hypothetical trading system signals for today were +8k on the 200K Portfolio and +2k on the 50K Portfolio. Coming into today, the current portfolio setup was at a worse case drawdown for the past 11 years. Only 3 out of the last 13 days were winning days.

There have been a high percentage of challenging trading days. We are looking for more tone to the market before we jump back in.

Today's trade was a strong bear market rally. I am anticipating a move higher into the end of the week and end of the month.

Netflix earnings seems to be driving the market higher. All the liquidity wants the market to go higher. The Fed hasn't taken the punch bowl away yet so there is room to run to the upside.

The Feds lack of action when it comes to tightening has emboldened the market to move higher.

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