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Hypothetical Trading System Signals on July 22, 2022 - More Equity Peaks Shorting the Market

The trading system signals generated four winning days in a row for the Stock Index Portfolio 22 to hit equity peaks today. The Stock Index and Commodity Portfolio hit equity peaks two days in a row. We have some resolution in the market and are now waiting for a drawdown to go live again.

Just yesterday, we talked about the cycle of opportunity to short the market. Today our strategies did well on the short side, shorting rallies and shorting lows.

The Stock Index Portfolio 22 was up about $7.5K on the day (per emini). The 200K Portfolio was up $3k on the day(4 micros) while the 50K Portfolio was up $750 on the day (1 micro). These are hypothetical results as we have been on the sidelines since July 13th.

The market has been unusual and weird in its intra-day patterns in June and July.

This week was the first week the market seemed more normal as our strategies did well calling both long and short trades this week..

Momentum Reversal captured the short side and then reversed to the long side to capture gains in both directions. Tick Reversal captured new equity peaks today on the second trade putting on three separate short trades today.

Many positive signs in the trading strategies and the way they traded the market this week.

Large cap tech and FAANG stocks report earnings next week.

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