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Hypothetical Trading System Signals on June 21, 2022

The light holiday volume allowed the bulls to push the market higher on Sunday night and during Monday's holiday trade when the futures were open but the stock and bond market was closed. The market made it right back to last Wednesday's close.

Last Wednesday was FOMC and I thought we had a false and very weak rally last Wednesday. This was confirmed as the market rolled over on Thursday and Friday. The light volume "manipulation" Sunday and Monday pushed it back to the FOMC close.

Most of the trend lately has been in the overnight session as we see the market gap up and gap down more than normal.

Today, the market closed in about the same place it was 10 minutes into the day session. While we see a large move up in point value, since most of our strategies are day trade, and most of the move is at night, there has been less trading opportunities in June and more chop intra-day.

The 200K Portfolio's hypothetical results were approximately +$1,200 today while the 50K Portfolios hypothetical results were approximately +$200 today.

The portfolios were positioned to profit in a big way if there had been some decent follow through. The bull rallies intra-day continue to be very weak. Traditionally, bear markets have sharp sell offs followed by sharp counter trend rallies. On an intra-day basis, we are seeing small sell offs and small sloppy rallies right now.

We continue to research the best strategies for the market and I have several new strategies that I worked on over the weekend and will release soon. Once I have all the strategies in the portfolio calculator we will dig deeper into our portfolio analysis.

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