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Hypothetical Trading System Signals on October 19, 2022 - Drawdown Alert to Start Live Trading

Based on today's hypothetical results, the strategies were down -$9,095 on the 200K Portfolio and down -$2728.50 on the 50K Portfolio. Only 1 out of 10 trading signals was up on the day in the Nasdaq. The one profitable trade was +$5. The E-mini S&P trades were 0 for 2.

We have been waiting for our trading system signals to go through a drawdown to start trading. After four losing days in a row and a 15k end of day drawdown, we have a drawdown alert. The drawdown alert is based on the trading system signals from our server.

Sometimes there are data differences between different data servers. A 1/4 point difference in the E-mini S&P (data2) in our EVP-1 NQ strategy signaled a +$3,760 profit yesterday on the desktop but not on the server. Based on our server we are in a drawdown alert. We are in about an 11.5K drawdown based on our desktop data.

Using the signals from our live server, we are down 4 days in a row and 33% winning days in the last 12 is a good time to start. We also like the recent cycle that is more favorable on Thursday's and Fridays.

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