January and Q1 is Seasonally Strong for Automated Trading System Portfolios

There hasn’t been a losing January in most of the new (and many of the old) portfolios since 2009 and the last three years have been STRONG in January! Distributions and allocations can occur in the New Year and it can be an ideal market for retail traders to ride the trends.

While Q4 has been one of the more challenging quarters, one thing I have noticed in trading, is that when we see unusual market conditions, resolution and normalcy can occur on the new month, quarter, or year. We get all three this coming Monday!

I’m looking forward to 2021. Price action can change on a dime and a strong January can give you an advantage for the year.

Some of my best portfolio setups are released for trading in January/New Year.

We have developed a list of Portfolios for 2021. (Seven total)

Today we are releasing the Stock Index Portfolio (27).

There are two different ways to trade on January 4, 2021. 

1.) Develop a trading plan (such as a group of strategies or portfolio) and start on January 4.

2.) Wait and see. (Trade really small or not all and see what is working in January).

Either approach is valid.

The Seven Portfolio Setups for 2021 Include:

  1. All Strategy Access 78

  1. All Strategy Access 51 Short List

  1. All Strategy Access 51 Short List + 7 New

  1. 200K Portfolio

  1. Stock Index Portfolio

  1. 25K-50K Portfolio

  1. Micro Stock Index and Micro Gold Portfolio

Complete Portfolio List

You can download the the entire list of portfolios in our Portfolio Calculator.

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