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Live and Hypothetical Trading System Results on October 24, 2022 - Slow Grind Higher

Monday's can be hit or miss. It was a slow day with only Viper 2021 NQ and Tick Reversal NQ trading today.

The 200K Portfolio live results were -$1,525 and the 50K Portfolio results were -$425.

Viper took long trades and was profitable. Tick Reversal took a short trade and was down on the day. Its rare when only two strategies trade.

The market seems to be in dip buying mode and acting like a stealth bull market move. The dips can become narrower before an explosive move higher.

Bonds continued to sell off, meaning higher interest rates. Chines stocks also plunge. The stock market continues to shrug off bad news with the mindset that the Fed will pause or pivot. This mindset seems to continue regardless of what the Fed says. The final outcome will be interesting.

Money has to flow somewhere and right now it seems to want to flow into equities as the safest place.

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