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Live and Hypothetical Trading System Signals on October 10, 2022 - Columbus Day Holiday Trading

We did not take live trades today as we are waiting for a drawdown to start trading live in the portfolio. We are setup to trade Robot 2022 NQ until the portfolio has a "drawdown alert". Robot 2022 NQ did not trade today. The Stock Index Portfolio 20 is in a 10K drawdown. We are waiting for another 5-7k of drawdown that could happen intra-day and I may phase in intra-day if it happens intra-day.

The hypothetical results were -$6,280 on the 200K Portfolio and -$1,884 on the 50K Portfolio today.

Jamie Dimon painted a bleak picture of the economy which seemed to accelerate selling mid day. Lael Brainard, Fed Chair, then made some comments that seemed dovish which generated a rally. There was no follow through on the rally and overall the market was choppy today.

Today was Columbus Day. It was one of those strange trading days when the stock market was open but the cash bond market was closed. (Bond futures were open).

Lately the market likes to create mean reversion V reversals with no real change in overall price. The market continues to sit at June 16 lows with the bulls working hard to keep these levels.

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