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Live and Hypothetical Trading System Signals on October 14, 2022 - Cobra III Nasdaq Equity Peaks

Anticlimactic close to the week after yesterday's price action. In retrospect, it looks like a playground for the market makers to spike volatility on CPI and then crush volatility the next day. I anticipated a big up move or a complete give back today. The market settled near Tuesday/Wednesday's closing price and felt like a boring summer trading sessions the last two hours.

Even though the market was down almost 3% the move was back to the closing range of Tuesday and Wednesday. The Nasdaq futures closed below Wednesdays close while the S&P closed above Wednesdays close.

The fundamentals of the market seem much more dynamic than the static price action that the closes represent.

Overall, a gap fill strategy would have done really well the last two days.

The hypothetical loss for the 200K Portfolio was -$625 and -$187.50 for the 50K Portfolio. Robot 2022 NQ traded live today and was down -$362.40 in the 200K Portfolio and down -$116.65 in the 50K Portfolio.

Cobra III E-mini Nasdaq had the trade of the day, hitting its 145 point profit target shorting the Nasdaq and reaching brand new equity peaks.

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