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Live Trading System Signals on March 7, 2024

The 250K Portfolio was up +$2,545 with a gap up followed buy a dump at the open, followed by a smooth, strong rally until the last hour with another dump into the close. It was more trendy that what we have seen but the sell off at the open and at the close generate a more choppy trend.

We discuss all the trading system signals for the Stock Index Portfolio 30 in the video.

Tonight is the State of the Union. Tomorrow is Jobs Friday. Friday's can sometimes be the trendiest day as the market resolves going into the weekend.

It looks like NVDA is targeting 1000. It will be interesting to see what happens when it gets there.

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News was broadcom earnings.

Me gusta

I have the basic gap strategies running and they have been doing great. 2019 NQ long only still going strong! What a strong move off the October lows from last year! Lets go NVDA!

Me gusta
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