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Live Trading System Signals on August 9, 2022 - Waiting for July CPI

First live trading day since July 13, 2022. We started on a drawdown and were down today -$5,750 per E-mini, -$2,300 in the 200K Portfolio (trading 4 micros), and -$575 in the 50K Portfolio (trading 1 micro).

The price action today was another prop and chop in the afternoon as we have gone through an extended period where the market curls up at the end of the day with no real distribution at the end of the day in this bear market.

We are risking about 5.2k in the 200K Portfolio and 1.3K in the 50K Portfolio to buffer any worse case drawdown. The winning percentage has dropped to 41.67% over the last 12 days but the winning percentage on the month is only 14% since there has been only 1 winning day in 7 trading days so far this month. August 3, was the only winning day but captured 28k per E-mini. The big winners in this portfolio are showing 20K+ winning days per E-mini.

July CPI will be released at 7:30 am CST tomorrow and could generate a big trend up or down. We have seen the market move higher on day when CPI is released. Even with higher CPI numbers, the bulls have been calling peak or transitory inflation for almost a year. If CPI has a downtick tomorrow will the market surge on affirmation of peak inflation or do the opposite and sell off?

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