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Live Trading System Signals on March 12, 2024

The 250K Portfolio was down -$4,700 today in live trading. We are still profitable on the month. We are adding the Precious Metals Portfolio 12 to our live trading for tomorrow's trade. We sat out of the metals, after releasing the new portfolio this weekend, to get past CPI in anticipation of the wild price action in the metals on CPI. It was a good call since the metals were down about -$3K today in hypotheticals results - which helps us with an entry point.

Last year, the Stock Index Portfolio 30 + Precious Metals 12 was up only $2k (hypotheticals) through the 14th of March. It had a big run of $41K (hypothetical) starting on the 15th (a Wednesday) of March through the end of the month and a $90K run through the end of May. Tomorrow is Wednesday the 13th. We are moving toward the more favorable 1/2 of the month and more favorable half of the week during a favorable season (March - May) for algorithmic trading systems historically, in live and hypothetical trading.

Our live results from March the 1st-14th last year (2023) were -$6,597 while the live results for March 15-31st of March were +$18K. This was for a 23 strategy stock index portfolio. This year we move towards the second half of the month with a slight gain.

The S&P strategies were 0 for 5 as the chopper strategies keyed off of a narrow VIX. Historically, the market doesn't usually generate an aggressive bid in this scenario. A sell off or sideways chop is more typical for this market scenario. The Nasdaq strategies were 2 for 6.

The market expected for there to be an uptick in inflation but CPI was hotter than expected in the pre-market economic report. The Nasdaq used the selling to rally on the day with multiple V-Reversals. The Russell was down on the day. AI and NVDA seems to be the main market driver for the bulls with NVDA up another 7% today, fighting back to trade towards $1000 per share.

The highlight of the day was the V-Reversal IV trading system. We show how this strategy can be traded with the Money Management Algorithms.

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