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Live Trading System Signals on November 18, 2022

The bulls work hard to limit short term participants from achieving bullish gains.

After gaining $48,112.80 last week, we are down -$8,462.90 on the week in the 200K Portfolio. Today we were down -$5,900 in the 200K Portfolio and -$2,400 in the 50K Portfolio in live trading. The hypotheticals with the Blitz were -$10,300 and -$3,090. The hypotheticals are a sum of the the Stock Index Portfolio 18 MIT and Blitz. The Stock Index Portfolio 18 was -$3,745 per E-mini while the Blitz was down -$6,555 on the day. We phased into the Blitz today around mid-day and sent out a message. Starting on Monday would have been a better option.

The market was challenging today as it moved against our net position all day. I had numerous automation errors in the 200K Portfolio and was able to mitigate losses with some manual adjustments.

There were allegations of Sam Bankman Frieds Alameda trading firm participating in stop hunting and market manipulation. We trade on regulated futures exchanges but there are days like today when the market changes its direction multiple times and moves in the opposite direction of your net position as soon as you flip your net position.

It is surprising to me that the market is satisfied to trade range bound at these levels. Three days in a row of VIX Divergence on the Nasdaq and two days in a row (Wednesday and Thursday) on the S&P. I thought the market would move higher today based on last Thursday's move holding up so well and the VIX Divergence we saw the last two days. This stealth bull market seems to want to wait for the overnight session or for steep pullbacks before it will rally. Strong sell offs seem to bring in buyers right now. The market has quietly held last Thursday's 5% gains in choppy divergent trade.

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