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Live Trading System Signals on November 8, 2022 - Capturing V Reversals on Election Day and Crypto

Nice results in spite of the V Reversals on election day. Our strategies were in tune with these moves today. I'm happy with the results in this type of market and glad we put in the Blitz package as it was responsible for all the gains today.

The 200K Portfolio was up $6,475 and the 50K Portfolio was up $1,700. The hypotheticals were +$8,340 and $2,502 respectively. I'm disappointed in the automation differences. There were some ghosted trades where the signals showed up but the trade did not go through. I haven't seen ghosted trades in a while in Tradestation. I had this issue at the close yesterday and the open today. I will be re-booting the server today to see if this continues. It really threw us off today with some missed signals.

The cyrpto market was in turmoil today based on liquidity issues with FTX and Sam Bankman-Fried. Binance will acquire FTX based on the liquidity crunch.

I will be sending out an ELD update for Tick Retracer since it does not have the SetStopContract function added.

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