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Live Trading System Signals on November 9, 2022 - Shorting the Futures All Day

The 200K Portfolio was up $13,450 and the 50K Portfolio was up $3,900 today. The hypotheticals were +$13,412.50 and $4,023.75 respectively. We were closer to the hypotheticals today and are up on the week, month, and quarter with today's trades.

The first few hours of trade were pretty choppy and uncertain. The market sold off late in the day and was not propped up like we have seen it trade more recently.

Uncertainty in the mid term results, tomorrow's CPI, and the effects of the Crypto currency fallout seem to be weighing on the market fundamentally.

Today, the market traded like a bear market. We have discussed the concept of gradually and then suddenly in relation to this bear market. While the crowd is looking for the bottom, it could accelerate lower.

We can't predict the future and are often surprised by what the market actually does. We stick with our long/short day trade algorithms to guide us and navigate this market.

Tomorrow's CPI will be interesting. None of our strategies are setup to trade at 7:30 am CST, one hour before the open tomorrow so it will be a point of interest more than anything.

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