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Live Trading System Signals on September 7, 2022 - Riding the Rally to Equity Peaks on Long Trades

Yesterday we mentioned that the next move may be higher since the Nasdaq was down 7 days in a row. The bulls put together a rally and we rode it to new equity peaks taking mostly long trades, going flat five minutes before the close and ready to add to equity peaks tomorrow taking either long or short trades.

The 200K Portfolio was up $4,725 on the day and the 50K Portfolio was up $1,181.25.

Tick Reversal and Cobra III were some of the highlights today hitting equity peaks in those individual Nasdaq futures day trading systems. Gap Continuation 2019 and 200 as well as VT NQ and Parabolic VSD NQ also added to the winners. Overall, there were 6 out of 9 Nasdaq strategies up on the day and 1 out of 2 S&P strategies up on the day.

We also discuss the commodity trades and the cyclical nature of the commodity portfolio.

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