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Market & Methodology Diversity to Capture Commodity Breakouts

We go over the latest portfolio setups for the final data in March and Q1, 2024 as we prepare for trading in Q2, 2024. Our data-based research this month has provided some great insights.

The last few years we have had a more focused approach on stock index day trade trend in our trading. With the current market environment, we are moving back to a traditional approach using swing and day trade strategies with a higher concentration of counter trend strategies during the day.

The commodities continue to trend higher. Cocoa has more than doubled this year (almost a 2.5 x gain). Capturing moves in the commodities can require longer duration strategies that extend beyond day trade strategies. We observed this in the stock index futures and we are now observing this in Gold and Crude Oil. Yesterday we saw how Gold moved up about $15 between 4:30 pm EST ant 5:00 pm EST, right into the close for the weekend ahead of the PCE report.

We continue to see trends become realized and extend in the after hours.

It is a scenario where you try to capture the moves during the day and then you give up as a daytrader or close positions out and then the market finally moves after the day trade margins are no longer in effect and the 0DTE expire for the day. You have to be willing to trade what the market gives and avoid what the market tries to take away.

We go over some of our swing trade strategies for Gold and Crude Oil in the video and how they are paired with some of our old counter trend day trade strategies such as SR CounterTrend and how the Asia Gold and Crude Oil Swing are some of the top strategies this year based on these moves.

The Portfolio Calculator has been updated through March 28, 2024.

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