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[Mini Webinar] Gap Continuation Setups and Adjustments for Market Changes in Time and Volatility

We go over how to make adjustments to a trading algorithm when the market changes. Gap Continuation 2020 2.0 includes Gap Continuation 2019 and Gap Continuation 2020.

Since August, there are many days when the market starts its trend right at the open, and then chops after the first hour. This is different than historical patterns of the last few years where markets are more choppy at the open and then trend.

We go over different input settings for adjust the start time and finish time and exit time for time shifts of patterns in the market. Obviously as volatility increases we have to consider bigger stop losses. A 700 stop loss with a Max Daily Entry of 1 is my favorite setup – and not changing the StartTime and FinishTime – since I believe this is a short term deviation. However, if you anticipate that this is a new pattern, I show you how to make the adjustment to start early.

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