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MINI WEBINAR – Setting up 10 Automated Strategies in NinjaTrader 8

We go over the data and input settings for the 10 strategy futures trading system portfolio setup. it includes trading systems for Soybeans, Crude Oil, Gold, E-mini S&P, and E-mini Nasdaq.

The complete list of Ninjatrader 8 trading systems include:

  1. Cobra Crude Oil Conservative

  1. Cobra CT III E-mini S&P

  2. Gap Continuation 2020 NQ

  3. Swing Soybeans

  4. SR CounterTrend IV Crude Oil

  5. SR CounterTrend III Crude Oil

  6. SR CounterTrend III Gold

  7. SR CounterTrend II E-mini S&P

  8. NightTrader E-mini S&P

  9. Cobra III NQ

You can learn more about this 10 strategy portfolio for futures trading, including the latest webinar at the 25K-50K Portfolio page.

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