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MultiCharts V-Reversal E-mini and Micro Nasdaq Release and Customizations for Long/Short and Stop Losses

Today, January 26, 2024, we are releasing the V-Reversals E-mini Nasdaq and Micro for Multicharts.

We discuss the differences for long and short settings in Tradestation and Multicharts. In Tradestation, there is a setting that will turn longs or shorts Off instead of On. In Multicharts, this has to be programmed as inputs. We have coded this into the latest V-Reversal strategy in PowerLanguage as the TakeLong and TakeShort inputs. 

We discuss multiple customizations including stop losses and setting up short trades.

These strategies work on the short side as well. There is a nice short setup in the V-Reversal II using a different short stop loss. Trading both longs and shorts is possible in these setups.

We discuss how to customize the stop losses for strategies that don't include a separate long and short stop loss by adding the Stop Loss LX and Stop Loss SX and turning the StpLs input to False.

This video discusses the details of the V Reversal I and II. The same tests for different stop losses and testing short trades can be done on V Reversal III, IV, and V.

The same principle applies to Micros using 1/10th of the values.

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