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New E-mini Nasdaq Futures Trading Systems

Tick Reversal NQ

Gap Continuation 2022 NQ

Cobra III 2022 1m NQ

are new strategies we are releasing.

Tick Reversal takes advantage of the acceleration of a new pattern that has gradually been seen since 2018.

Gap Continuation 2022 NQ adds a Range Filter exit

Cobra III has been converted to 1 minute bars. It can exit on a 1minute increment now such as 1555, 1556, 1557, 1558, etc. On 15 minute bars, the options are more limited to 1515, 1530, 1545, 1600. We know 1600 can be a challenging time to exit.

These strategies are all 1 minute bar strategies for more incremental testing and use custom session so that we don't need to use the .D symbol.

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