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New Fully Automated Trading System Portfolios for Stock Indexes and Commodities in Q3 2022

We are updating the Portfolio Calculator with the latest strategies, margins and portfolios for Q3, 2022. We have two new Portfolios:

Stock Index Portfolio for Micros and Eminis (July 1, 2022 -

500K Commodity and Stock Index Portfolio (July 1, 2022 -

We are not starting on July 1, 2022, so the date will adjust to the start date. I want to see how July opens. We also have a holiday coming up on Monday. Wednesday, July 6, 2022 is a target date to start if the tone of the market isn't the way it is in June and the entry price from a drawdown is still a good place to start.

The entire month of June has been full of extreme stop running price action, except for 1-2 days.

In this video, we show the rationale for the setups and how our original configuration with 24 stock index strategies was reduced to 22 strategies since NightTrader and Cobra CT III only improve the portfolio results from 2008-2011. Going forward from mid 2011 through mid 2022, the portfolio has a lower drawdown without these two strategies.

After the close, the Portfolio Calculator will be updated with the latest data through June 30, 2022 as we close out June and Q2, 2022.

In June the stock index futures had some of the most challenging price action to trade. We sat on the sidelines since June 13, 2022.

Markets can change on a dime when a new month comes. The last two days have been drawdown days so this portfolio will have a drawdown alert as we go into the new month.

If you are a subscriber, we will be sending out the updates as soon as possible.

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