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New Nasdaq Futures Portfolio - Trading with Data Instead of Emotion

At the 2:50 , I introduce a brand new Nasdaq Portfolio that I started putting together on January 14th that includes the new Momentum Reversal trading strategy. I like to use the concept of what is working now and what has worked in the past. There are 17 existing Nasdaq strategies in this setup and 3 new Nasdaq strategies. The Nasdaq futures have been our strength. Without the Nasdaq futures, the 200K Portfolio would be down in 3k in December instead of up 24k. It is easy to get emotional when we trade. In the moment, our perceptions can confuse the truth and it is possible that we imagine the opposite of the actual truth. The data provides us with the truth. After our Cobra III E-mini Nasdaq hit its 7th loss in a row yesterday, it really did feel like the Nasdaq strategies were doing poorly since Cobra III is my favorite Nasdaq strategy. Putting our favorite strategies and emotions to the side, the data shows a much different picture. I really like this new portfolio setup since it is working now and has worked in the past (going back to mid 2016). We go over the details of this new portfolio in this video and how you should use data instead of emotions to trade.

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