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NEW STRATEGY - V Reversal 2024 NQ

As of January 24, 2024, we are releasing the V-Reversal E-mini Nasdaq trading systems. There are five different strategies that take advantage of the V-Reversals in the market. This setup can be traded with the Micro Nasdaq as well.

V-Reversals have always been a normal pattern in the market. The frequency of this pattern has been much higher the last couple of years with the constant dip buying determined to drive the stock indexes higher (and especially the Nasdaq).

This pattern has worked well when the market is down after a sell off. We have discussed the constant "prop up" in the market. This strategy works to take advantage of that pattern.

This strategy is setup as long only but the short signals can be added in the settings. We discuss how to setup the shorts in the video.

V Reversals can be a difficult pattern to capture but we have enough data and observations over the last couple of years to lock into these 5 different variations.

V-Reversal I and II take entries in the morning while V-Reversal III, IV, and V take entries in the afternoon. V-Reversal I and IV improve the Stock Index Portfolio 27. This is a day trade strategy.

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