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New Trading System Release VSD Divergence (NQ)

VSD Divergence is a brand new trading system developed 3 months ago at the end of February 2022. After consistent out of sample performance the last three months, we are releasing this strategy on June 9, 2022.

We like the idea of shorting the market after strong buy volume in a downtrend. We also like the idea of going long the market after strong sell volume in an uptrend. We use the VSD Total and VSD Dynamic indicators.

This is the first revision of this strategy and it works well the last two years, and it works overall since 2018. Prior to 2018, the equity curve is sideways to down testing back to 2007. The values used are more relevant to the current index levels in 2020 forward.

We go over all the details in the vide including the data and input settings.

All Strategy Access subscribers will receive this strategy in the next day or two.

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