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Portfolio Calculator Update for Allocation Charts for Market, Trade Duration, and Entry Methodology

The Portfolio Calculator has been updated through May 9, 2024.

We have added Allocation Charts for the Markets Traded, Trade Duration, and Entry Methodology.

The Markets Traded Allocation shows the percentage of strategies being traded in each market.

The Trade Duration Allocation shows the percentage of strategies that are daytrade, session trade, or overnight trade. Session trade strategies can start at 5pm CST when the futures markets open again.

The Entry Methodology is simply divided between Trend and CounterTrend. Some of the countertrend strategies are mean reversion. In future updates, this will be divided into three categories: Trend, CounterTrend, Mean Reversion.

The Portfolio Calculator will be updated again over the weekend to include the latest results through Friday, May 10, 2024 and also include SR CounterTrend II v2 M 1m 30 Year Bonds. We would like to add more Bond and Interest rate strategies.

If you have the All Strategy Access, you will receive this update by Monday afternoon. One thing we have to consider is the need to hold positions longer in a low volatility market environment.

The next strategy that is being developed and will be released if it works is based on Waves. The Wave Trader.

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