Portfolio Calculator Weekend Update and Research to Pause Trading

I am personally going to pause trading until there is more clarity on how to trade markets at new volatility levels or until there is a good way to trade this type of volatility. It is possible that the Stock Index Portfolio 40 will bounce but I need to see it first before I continue to trade it. The volatiltiy is brutal and 2022 has been really challenging.

We have added an additional Zig Zag indicator to the Portfolio Calculator. I am taking a research break while pausing actual trading and will be actively researching and publishing research for our automated trading strategies. This market has been more challenging by several standard deviations so far in 2022. We trade both long and short side in stock index futures and one of the biggest issues in the market is the Federal Reserve. Their policies have created an un natural upside bias in the market. This has added to the volatility and hurt more natuaral free market pricing.

We never place blame or take the victim role but the market dynamics are off for this reason and the market is somewhat broken. We accept the challenge as we seek better ways to trade a broken market. This broken market may also become "fixed" if we get a major bear market that is due and deserved. In my opinion, the stock market is multiples ahead of the economy and the stock market can have a strong bear market while the economy can remain strong. Its possible a stock bear market could create a stronger economy in the long run as bear markets wash out bubbles and bring truth to the market place.

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