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Precious Metals Portfolio for Gold and Silver

Our precious metals trading systems was a highlight last month in live trading. While February 2024, was a challenging month in the stock index futures day trade strategies, Gold and Silver strategies did show a net profit. 

I am working on some Python tools to improve the efficiency of my Portfolio Analysis. While I don't place a big emphasis on the sharpe ratio for day trade strategies, a quick ranking puts many of my precious metals futures trading systems at the top of the Sharpe Ratio list. 

Along with the recent breakout in Gold to new all-time highs, we look at the potential for Gold and Silver futures to potentially be the next big liquidity-based trend. The only fundamental that matters lately is the massive liquidity looking for market allocations. 

The pump and dump phenomena used to be a big part of penny stocks. With excess liquidity in the system, we have seen the pump and dump move up to Meme stocks and Cryptocurrencies. In 2024, we are seeing the liquidity push larger market cap stocks such as NVDA as well as the Nasdaq 100 and S&P 500 to new highs. In the commodities we have seen Cocoa up almost 50% on the year.

Gold is up about 5% on the year so if it is the next big mover, it might have some room to run. If it remains in consolidation, we can trade that as well.

We highlight our top 12 trading strategies for the precious metals futures markets with backtests going back to 2008. 

This portfolio also merges well with our Stock Index Portfolio and provides us with some additional diversity.

The 12 strategy precious metals portfolio is an initial portfolio setup that we like. I have a list of research that includes swing trades and overnight strategies that could be added to this portfolio since we can clearly see that some of these trends occur in the overnight session.

Hypothetical Results for the Gold and Silver Portfolio

1/1/2008 - 3/8/2024

Hypothetical Results for the Gold and Silver Portfolio Merged with Stock Index Portfolio 30

1/1/2008 - 3/8/2024

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