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Quantifying the VIX Crush for Trading Systems Analysis

The VIX is getting absolutely crushed. 

Quantifying the VIX by measuring the Average Range of the last 12 days, we saw a reading of 0.63 in the VIX. This value was 0.68 on July 26, 2017, the date of the record low in the VIX. In 2017 the lowest reading of the Average Range of the last 12 days was lower on October 16, 2017 at 0.59. 

While the actual value of the VIX is a few points higher than the lows in 2017, the average daily range is near its lowest levels that were seen in 2017. The low reading on the year and in December was on 12/12/2023 with a low value of 11.81. On July 26, 2017 the VIX experienced its lowest VIX level in the history of the VIX at 8.84.

7/26/2017 VIX Low = 8.84, Average Daily Range of VIX = .68

12/12/2023 VIX Low = 11.81, Average Daily Range of VIX = .63

We also notice the VIX cycle and how it spiked the following year in 2018. We can't use this as a prediction that the VIX will spike in 2024 but we know that the VIX does move in cycles.

We also show how to code this up for a trading system to test these observations.

When the market changes from making big moves of 300-500 points per day in the Nasdaq to a stealth rally and ultra-low VIX ranges and/or readings, it requires more patience as well as adjustment for day trading algorithms.

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