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Releasing New Trading Systems Portfolio Stock Index 26 with Robot 2022 NQ Included

We are releasing the Stock Index Portfolio 26 today for live trading in August. It includes Robot 2022 NQ. We are still waiting a drawdown alert (losing streak in the hypothetical signs) for live trading.

The new portfolio adds two additional E-mini S&P strategies and three additional E-mini Nasdaq strategies while removing one E-mini Nasdaq strategy.

This setup also adjusts our Stock Index and Commodity Portfolio as well. The Commodity strategies do not change. We are trading the same 17 Commodity strategies with the Stock Index Portfolio 26 for a total of 43 strategies in the Stock Index and Commodity Portfolio.

We discuss maximum and minimum margin requirements and capitalization.

We show all of the workspace windows for the E-mini S&P and E-mini Nasdaq. This portfolio can also trade the micro E-mini Nasdaq and micro E-mini S&P. We recommend 4 micros on each strategy for the 200K Portfolio and 1 micro on each strategy for the 50K Portfolio.

There are 17 strategies that trade the Nasdaq and 9 strategies that trade the S&P.

The worse case drawdown since June 2011 is just under 30K. The Stock Index and Commodity Portfolio also has a drawdown value around 29K and the Return over Drawdown percentage is boosted with this update.

We discuss the concept of forward and backward tilt in the drawdown curve.

If you are a subscriber, you have already received these updates.

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