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Stock Index and Commodity Portfolio Equity Peaks on July 21, 2022

Yesterday, the Stock Index and Commodity Portfolio hit brand new equity peaks. The Stock Index Portfolio (based on E-minis) is $2500 away from equity peaks.

The latest portfolios released on July 1, have gone on a three day run from near worse case drawdowns to at or near equity peaks.

Yesterday, we stated in our daily video that the Stock Index Portfolio 22 was at an equity peak. The live trading platform did not show the loss on VT NQ while the research platform showed this trade.

In live trading, the results would have been at an equity peak but we are basing the results on the worse case scenario from the research platform. This is a case where data differences would have generated better results on our live trading platform that the hypotheticals.

We are still anticipating a bear cycle where day trade shorts are more profitable than they have been the last 6 months.

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