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Stock Index Portfolio 27 Update for the Week of 02/20/2024

We are closing in on one of the best time periods to trade automated trading systems. March - May has some of the best profit for our strategies both in live trading and in the hypotheticals. It is that time of year when we have seen markets start to move with some persistence.

In this video, we share the latest results and the updates for the Stock Index Portfolio 27.

We are sending out a workspace and Easylanguage update so that you can remove two strategies and add two strategies to the Stock Index Portfolio 27. You can also continue to trade the existing portfolio setup and add these two strategies. We are officially removing Adaptive Moving Average and Tick Wave (momentum strategies) and adding Gap Continuation ES I 2024 and V Reversal 24 (mean reversion strategies). We go over all the options and possibilities in the video.

We have already sent out V Reversal 24 and Gap Continuation I ES is in the Seven Trading Systems for the S&P Futures Members Area. We will still send out a workspace update with instructions as soon as possible.

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