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Strongest Trading Week of the Year and Portfolio Calculator Update

We go over our trading week with a nice four day winning streak in the Stock Index Portfolio 40. We are focused on the Stock Index Portfolio 40.

We started this live on February 4, and it has taken the portfolios into positive territory on the month.

This setup tests well in the current market of 2020-2022 so far. I always prefer to trade what is working now and what has worked in the past.

Volatility was AMPed to the extreme this year.

Cobra III NQ with a $2000 stop loss is actually at equity peaks. The $600 stop loss version has had 15 losers in the last 16 trades.

If you trade it on the micros, you should use a $200 per micro stop loss or the range filter. To keep the risk the same as the previous E-mini setup, trading 3 micro NQ's with a $200 stop loss per contract would give you the same risk in 2022 as 1 E-mini in 2021 based on dollars risked per trade. Dollar volatility has basically multiplied by 3 based on Cobra III setup. This means you should trade 1/3 the size or multiply your account by 3 and increase your stops.

We also go over the CVIX indicator. It has been added to the Portfolio Calculator but it isn't fully tested yet!

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