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Super Bowl Sunday and Trading Parallels

Super Bowl Sunday is always exciting as the two best teams play for the World Championship. It is inspiring to watch greatness at both the team and individual level as they perform at the highest levels on the world stage. Watching greatness in other professions always inspires me as a trader.

Here in Dallas we have a new coach. Jerry Jones recently hired Mike McCarthy, former coach of the Green Bay Packers to coach the Dallas Cowboys. Mike McCarthy won a Super Bowl with the Packers.

After under performing in recent years, he was “let go” by the Packers after the 2018 season.

What did he do in 2019?

“The Mike McCarthy Project”

He kept regular office hours with some other former coaches and re-developed his coaching strategy. Watching film all day and compiling data and running analytics. 

McCarthy and his staff would study everything, from reviewing “every offensive snap of the top 10 offenses last year,” to dissecting formations and play calls, to reviewing quarterback footage.”

“McCarthy also designed what his football operations staff would look like, with a “14-person Football Technology Department, including a six-person video unit and an eight-person analytics team.””

Sounds a lot like a system trader right?

I bet Mike McCarthy would be able to put together a portfolio of trading strategies if he wanted. Even if he didn’t develop the strategies himself, his work ethic, analysis, and analytical approach would put him in position for success.

The main point of this is that being great at anything requires a pretty big commitment, partnerships, and hard work.

If the Dallas Cowboys win a Super Bowl next year, the outsider looking in might think Mike McCarthy just showed up on the scene and won based on talent. We know that won’t be the case!

To quote another Packer legend and winning coach of the first Super Bowl, Vince Lombardi, “The quality of a man’s life is in direct proportion to his commitment to excellence”.

Enjoy your Sunday and get ready for the beginning of February’s trade tomorrow!

We will announce some upcoming webinars soon.

A lot of trading parallels here.

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