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Tick Pulse 2022 NQ - New Strategy

Tick Pulse 2022 NQ is a new strategy that is an update of Tick Pulse V12 NQ. Tick Pulse V12 NQ has been one of our top strategies lately. After a limit band reject for a limit order on a short trade that required a manual re-entry, we have an update to fix the limit band reject. We will use a market order instead. We update the original strategy and created a 2022 version.

The updates for this strategy include:

  • Using a market order instead of a limit order. There is a LMTOrder input and limits can be used but this version now uses a market order by default.

  • Added WaitBarReEntry and BarsToWait inputs. When WaitBarReEntry is set to True, the strategy will wait BarsToWait bars before re-entering a trade. An aggressive strategy like this will have the tendency to re-enter too quickly. (BarsToWait default is 10 as we mentioned having to check this in the video)

  • Two parameters for the long side were optimized TickPluse_Long and L1_Long were optimized for the most recent 12 month period (from 6/22/2021 - 6/22/2022) to get 275 and 25 instead of 150 and 30. We then backtested going back to 2007 with nice results. We kept short parameters the same. The long side performance was negative going back to 2007 with the old parameters.

  • Added additional but optional exit strategies that we started adding with Tick Reversal.

  • Changed Finish Times to 1530 EST instead of 1600.

  • Changed Exit Times to 1557 EST instead of 1600 to avoid the 4pm EST traffic jam exit.

  • We have also updated the symbol to @NQ with the US STOCK custom session instead of @NQ.D

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