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Tick Reversal 2022 NQ - Fully Automated Trading System for Tradestation 10

I get the question all the time. Which one of your trading strategies is best? I've traded long enough to know that I can't predict the future and my favorite trading system at any time can go through a losing streak as soon as I recommend it. Past performance is not indicative of future results and I prefer the diversification of a portfolio.

If I had to pick one right now though, TICK Reversal 2022 NQ, even though it is new, would be one of my top picks.

It only works since 2018 and really since the pandemic, but captures the type of moves we are seeing in the Nasdaq futures. These type of wild swings have become more and more typical and this type of strategy is in sync with the market. The rules are pretty simple too - which is important.

Entry Rules

  1. Take Entries Between 935 - 1545 EST

  2. Two Rule Proprietary Strategy Based on NYSE TICK using generic parameters

  3. Close of current bar is greater than the day Session Open for Longs, Close of current bar is less than Day Session Open for Shorts

  4. Enter on a market order

Exit Rules

  1. Exit at 1555 EST if we are still in a trade, or with Range Filter Stop Loss, or with Percent market move Profit Target.

This strategy can trade the E-mini Nasdaq or Micro Nasdaq futures and is also now part of our Stock Index Portfolio 25.

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