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Top Long and Short Trades from Friday 02/16/2024

In this choppy and challenging market environment, we continue to look at the strategies that work best. Overall, for intra-day trades, taking long and short trades after a retracement the way DT-M4 E-mini S&P does or capturing V-Reversals, the way our latest V-Reversal strategies work - has done well lately.

We highlight this type of price action from Friday.

The Money Management Algorithms Pinpoint Entry Algorithm is also one way to try to enter a trade at a better price.

The mode of the market can change quickly. Sometimes, you don't have time to get in at a better price and getting in quickly is the best trade. Other times, waiting for retracements and entering a short trade after a rally or a long trade after a sell off can be the best way. Right now, the strategies that wait for retracements tend to work the best. Historically, getting in right away works the best.

The mode of the market between these two can change quickly. It becomes tricky because if you start waiting for retracements on all your entries, the market can quickly switch modes and run right away, creating a scenario where you miss all the winning trades and "catch" all the losing trades. This is why we prefer a diversity of strategies with different entry and exit techniques.

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