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Tradestation 10 - Multi Strategy Automation on the Same Symbol in the Same Account

One of the most frequent questions that comes up in running automation on multiple strategies is:

"How do you Automate Multiple Strategies On the Same Symbol In the Same Account in Tradestation." as well as understanding Position Match as True or False in the Tradestation TradeManager.

This video covers both questions as we setup a multi-strategy automation on the same symbol in the same account. We also look at the Trademanager to see if there is a Position Match = True.

This is a sample strategy that is traded in SIM mode and should not be traded in a live account. My strategies are low frequency so in order to create many trades and to see repetition, I needed a strategy that takes many trades.

This strategy simply alternates longs and shorts on every bar, which would churn an account to zero in real trading. We use this strategy on 1 minute, 2 minute, and 3 minute bars as each time frame can be considered a different strategy.

The Tradestation 10 code and workspace can be downloaded above.

Make sure it is run in SIM mode only!

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