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Tradestation and NinjaTrader 8 Comparison of a Performance Summary for the Gap Fill Strategy

In this video, we go over the Gap Fill Combo strategy from our 2010 book, "Seven Trading Systems for the S&P Futures" with the 2024 update. We compare the results of this strategy going back 4 years in NinjaTrader 8 and Tradestation. 

The Members Area includes the open code and an update for March 6, 2024. The calculation of the previous days open, high, low, and close on intra-day charts was incorrect in the previous version. The new version calculates it correctly and adds the donttradeonholiday functionality. The open code can be downloaded in the Members Area here:

-Open code strategies for the E-mini S&P in Tradestation, NinjaTrader 8, and Multicharts

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