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Trading System Signals on 01/04/2024

The 250K Portfolio had its third losing day in a row to start the year as we are down -$3,825 on the day and down about 3% this week. SR CounterTrend Silver was the highlight of the day with a nice short trade. We are looking for a Friday trend as we saw similar patterns in the first half of 2023 where Mon-Wed or Mon-Thurs were choppy while Friday's would put us up for the week.

The Stock Index Portfolio 27 E-mini only had two trades and was down -$3,675. The Stock Index Portfolio 27 Micro had the same trades and was down -$367.50. There was one Nasdaq strategy that traded and one S&P strategy that traded.

The market patterns have been tricky a greater percentage of time than what we have seen historically.

I made an extended video to show the price action as well as:

1.) A support and resistance strategy that worked well the last two days but is a bad trading system based on the backtest.

2.) Tick Count Trend Indicators and the back and forth market action. I have a new strategy idea for this.

3.) Market Depth indicators and some of the patterns in the order book I am looking at. It is difficult to backtest order book strategies.

4.) The Volume Sum Day indicators

5.) The Portfolio Money Management Algorithm on 44 Nasdaq strategies.

I spend most of the day making market observations and backtesting strategies. 99% of the strategies I test do not work. 

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