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Trading System Signals on 01/09/2024

The live trading system results for the Portfolio 53, 250K Portfolio was +$4,500. The were some nice gap fill type trades and Silver had a nice short. We were slightly off our intra-day equity peaks with some aggressive afternoon chop.

The market can get aggressively choppy after a trend. You can also continue to see the mode and mindset that the market is never supposed to go down during the day. We have seen some intra-day dips where the market starts to accelerate only to violently reverse. The VIX dropped back down into the 12 handle today. Bullish control is still in the markets. If you are bearish, or need to sell, it might be best to wait for a momentum breakout to the upside. The institutional bears should wait for the bulls to get "more carried away" in my opinion before shorting. 

I'm looking for a VIX Divergence where the market accelerates higher while the VIX moves slightly higher for a more "shortable" market environment.

I prefer markets with more ebb and flow and believe the market can go higher longer term if the dip buying mechanism in the market wasn't so uptight.

​The Stock Index Portfolio 27 Emini hypothetical results were +$4,015. 

​The Stock Index Portfolio 27 Micro hypothetical results were +$399.25

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