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Trading System Signals on 01/16/2024

We sat on the sidelines in anticipation of more sloppy price action. The market "pretended" like it would have a big down day and the VIX briefly moved above 14 but then settled below 14. The Nasdaq closed near at breakeven.

​The hypothetical results for the 250K Portfolio, trading the new 50 strategy setup, was -$2,197 today. The Stock Indexes were down over -4k while Gold and Silver had positive signals. There were no trades in the energies.

​There were many V-Reversals in sloppy post-holiday trade. We are in our third week of the year and the markets are fairly "static".

​The Stock Index Portfolio 27 E-mini hypothetical results were -$3,642.50.

The Stock Index Portfolio 27 Micro hypothetical results were -$241.75. The Micros did better than the E-minis since there was one difference. There was no signal for the Micro on Micro NQ today which lost -$1225 on the E-mini and would have lost -$122.50.

We posted the latest portfolio update for the Portfolio 50 and we are waiting for about a 10K drawdown, or about another -$5.5k from the current levels. We will work to enter the setup intra-day if we can or on an end of day basis.

​The market continues to hold gains in a low volatility pattern and sells off if it tries to move higher while rallying if it moves lower so far in January.

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