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Trading System Signals on 01/17/2024

The hypothetical trading system signals for the 250K, 50 strategy Portfolio were -$2,262.50 with the indexes being a net loser while Crude Oil and Silver were profitable.  We did not trade live and are waiting for about a 10k drawdown which is about a 3-4k drawdown away. We may get this in the next day or two especially with the sloppy price action we continue to see at the open as we work to get in at the open.

​The market continues to be wild at the open and then calms down and drifts higher. With many V Reversals in the market, I have targeted my research around this "overly" prevalent pattern that is not typically the norm but continues to move towards being more of a normal daily pattern.

​I have six strategies based on V Reversals and divergences that I have developed in the late-night research and tracked today. Five signaled today and all five would have been profitable for +$8,100. I am working to finish testing these and adding them to the Portfolio Calculator for the Stock Index Portfolio and 250K Portfolio.

It is always a dilemma to add a list of correlated strategies that have a short track record and are at equity peaks. I also have one pre-market strategy that is unique in how it trades as well. These are also long only strategies. The short side of the signal is potentially promising if the market can show more persistence on distribution days instead of the constant curl up and prop up pattern that is "always" there.

Managing the combination of strategies and timing is critical in a portfolio.

​The website is also once again being updated as the latest setup for communication looked more promising than what it has actually been. We will have more information on this soon and it may require a password reset but logins and browsing should be much smoother.

​The Stock Index Portfolio 27 E-mini hypotheticals were -$4,565.

​The Stock Index Portfolio 27 Micro hypotheticals were -$459 and took the same trades.

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