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Trading System Signals on 01/22/2024

The hypothetical trading system signals for Monday 01/22/2024 for the 250K Portfolio (50 Strategies) was -$3,887.50. There were rapid drawdowns at the open of about -6k after Friday's equity peak. The Gap Continuation failed today as it typically has the last 6 months. Friday's Gap Continuation was more of the norm through mid 2023 but a bit of a one-off trade based on recent Gap Continuations. It will be interesting to see how the market responds with the Nasdaq futures near all-time highs. Is this "tag" at all-time highs a good exit point for longer term traders or is there more to come?

After a lot of energy at the open in the indexes, the market stalled out into the close as the indexes were "slightly up" and the VIX dropped to 13.11.

The SR CounterTrends, Momentum Reversals, VSD Divergence captured the Nasdaq moves today while Cobra III, AT 2022, Robot, Tick Pulse, and EVP-1 were down on the day in the Nasdaq. Counter Trend was the mode today.

The latest set of strategies was released on 1/12/2024 and we are waiting for a 10k drawdown on an end of day basis or intra-day (if the market isn't moving too fast to sync up) to turn on live trading. We are also working with the latest V Reversal strategies to potentially add those strategies to the portfolios.

Gold was net profitable on the day with 1 winner and 1 loser while Silver was down on the day with 1 loser. No trades in the energies.

The Stock Index Portfolio 27 hypothetical results were down -$3,202.50.

The Stock Index Portfolio 27 Micro hypothetical results were down -$327.25, taking the same trades as the E-minis.

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