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Trading System Signals on 01/23/2024

The 250K Portfolio hypothetical results were +$4,412.50 going 7 for 8 on the day to take back yesterday's losses and go up +$512.50 on the week. Gold and Silver took one trade each while the S&P took two trades and the Nasdaq took 5 trades.

The Stock Index Portfolio 27 E-minis hypothetical results were +$2,487.50 going 4 for 4.

The Stock Index Portfolio 27 Micros hypothetical results were +248.75 taking the same trades as the E-minis.

It was a low VIX boring day as the VIX was crushed down with a slow stealth rally into the close. The Nasdaq still wants to capture all-time highs.

There was no volatility in the equity to give us a good entry for live trading in the new 250K Portfolio. We are waiting for a drawdown to start the 250K Portfolio again after equity peaks on Friday and equity peaks again today. The new 250K Portfolio is up about 8k since we released it on Friday 1/12/2023 to begin tracking on 1/15/2023. It is good confirmation to see these equity peaks after the adjustments we have had to make adjusting to a persistently low VIX environment.

The Stock Index Portfolio 27 recommendation for subscribers was to continue to trade since the drawdown was not as steep. Some early research show adding a couple of V Reversal strategies will improve the Stock Index Portfolio 27.

A 12.50 VIX has not been one of my favorite market environments historically but we continue to lock into strategies that can trade a range of VIX levels. Today, the countertrend dip buying on the pullbacks made some of these trades look easy. The SR CounterTrends and DT-M4 as well as a Viper trade were some of the top trades on the day.

DT-M4 E-mini S&P - Trade of the Day

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